Intertek HK Seminars 2020

17-Jan (Fri)14:00 - 17:00Energy Label (874/2012) & Energy-related Products (1194/2012) Regulatory UpdatesIntertek HK
20-Feb (Thu)14:30 - 16:30How Can You Access China Market with Minimal Risk?Intertek HK
27-Feb (Thu)14:30 - 16:30Common Failure of Toys Testing and FCC StandardsIntertek HK
12-Mar (Thu)14:30 - 16:30Regulatory requirements For Emerging MarketsIntertek HK
24-Mar(Tue)14:30 - 16:30How well do you know about Amazon ISTA Programme? Intertek HK
24-Apr (Fri)14:30 - 16:30The Safety of Food Contact That Matters to Seller, Manufacturers and Users Intertek HK
28-Apr (Tue)14:30 - 18:00Emerging Sustainability Trends to Innovate the Textile World Intertek HK
20-May (Wed)14:30 - 18:00New Materials That Will Change the Future of ManufacturingIntertek HK
27-May (Wed)14:30 - 16:305 Things You Must Know About Selling Safe and Quality KitchenwareIntertek HK
9-Jun (Tue)14:30 - 17:30Successful Cases: How Intertek Mark Adds Value to Your BusinessIntertek HK
17-Jun (Wed)14:30 - 16:30The Global Toys Standard UpdatesIntertek HK
29-Jul (Wed)14:30 - 16:30Things You Must Know Before Producing Compliant Swimming AidsIntertek HK
20-Aug (Thu)14:30 - 16:30Blockchain Solution for Traceable Textile Supply ChainIntertek HK
26-Aug (Wed)14:30 - 16:30The Industry Forecast and Global Regulatory Updates on Optical ProductsIntertek HK
18-Sep (Fri)14:30 - 16:30Are you sure these Pet Toys you are selling are safe to use?Intertek HK
14-Oct (Wed)14:30 - 17:30Innovative Technologies for High-Performance TextileIntertek HK
30-Oct (Fri)14:30 - 16:30The Safety of Food Contact that MattersIntertek HK
17-Nov (Tue)14:30 - 16:30Recall Cases of Textile and Footwear Products You Should KnowIntertek HK
26-Nov (Thu)14:30 - 16:30Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in Global Cosmetics MarketIntertek HK
16-Dec (Wed)14:30 - 16:302020 Outline for Global Regulatory Update of Toys and ChildrenIntertek HK